Northumbria, our land, our heritage.
At its height the Kingdom of Northumbria was the most powerful nation in the British Isles, before England or Scotland even existed.
At its peak it stretched from Humberside in the South to the river Forth in the North.
The Scottish capital city of Edinburgh is named after one of the great Northumbrian Kings, Edwin (Edwin-burgh)

While London was an underdeveloped, backward city in the middle of a marsh, Northumbria was recognised as a major centre of learning and culture throughout Europe.
Later there was the Earldom of Northumbria, which corresponds, with that part of Britain, which consists of Teesside, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland.Northumbria had its own language, laws, system of government, capital (Bamburgh) Monarchs and flag.
We had (and still have) our own patron saint, St Cuthbert ,Cuthbert has his own saints day, which is on the 20th of March.And unlike the fake St George (who was from the Middle East and never even set foot on British soil) Cuthbert was a verifiable historical figure.
Cuthbert lived and worked on Lindisfarne the Holy Island and is laid to rest in Durham Cathedral , which was built in his honour.

He carried on the work started by St Aiden who was an Irish-Scottish monk and the Celtic influence is strong in Northumbria.One of the greatest Northumbrian achievements was the creation of the Lindisfarne Gospels , also in honour of Cuthbert,there has been an ongoing campaign to have the Gospels returned from London after they were stolen from us.

Northumbrians should rise up and reclaim our heritage.
Much is made of the influence of the Romans, Vikings and Normans had on this part of the world, but Northumbria and the legacy it left us is not celebrated nearly enough in my opinion.
And I think that is a great shame.